ORSI Accomplishments

Much has already been accomplished consistent with our mission statement in providing clinical, educational and infrastructural services to HUEH.

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To date, numerous orthopaedic surgical teams have been deployed to both HUEH and St Nicholas Hospital in St. Marc. While HUEH is undergoing reconstruction, many recent teams were sent to St Marc where HUEH residents rotate. PIH has been integral in the continual support of HUEH’s orthopaedic surgical residency program, particularly when residents are rotating outside of Port au Prince (HUEH). Surgical teams to date have included those from NYU, ORMC, Aesclepius Medical Society, Radiologists Without Borders, and others. Going forward ORSI will be sending teams from NY Medical College, Hospital for Special Surgery, NYIT, NYU and other regional medical schools in the tristate area. Othopaedic surgical teams have worked in direct association with HUEH orthopaedic residents in operating rooms, emergency rooms and clinics. We expect to deploy 8-10 teams per year going forward.


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Clinical teams have also been deeply involved in teaching both clinically and in power point lecture formats. Typically, power point presentations have and will continue to reflect core curriculum in each teams specialty ( ie. trauma, pediatrics, foot and ankle, hand etc.). Other successes in providing for educational support include delivery of hundreds of core textbooks and development of a small orthopaedic library at HUEH. We have also delivered abundant educational products in thumb drive format so that residents have an essential electronic library of orthopaedics. We have already made progress in fostering the mindset that HUEH will again become the sight of regional surgical and medical conferences. An example is that CURE International signed with HUEH to be a regional location for Club Foot and other children’s lower extremity disorders conferences in the carribbean. We also have available potential for teleconferencing and PAC (X-ray Viewing) and consultation through the internet.


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Much has been accomplished in helping HUEH develop infrastructure for provision of orthopaedic surgical success. Developing a high level of functionality has required the shipment of orthopaedic and medical equipment and supplies. ORSI has already sent HUEH portable xray, ultrasound, portable c arm xray for Ors, and much other needed equipment and soft goods. At this time, a huge shipment containing 17 medical/surgical and administrative suites are at customs in Haiti en route to HUEH. Included in this historical shipment are anesthesia machines, respirators, ventilators, OR tables and lights, beds, surgical equipment, and many many more supplies. Once at HUEH, we believe this shipment will lead to a new level of clinical functionality and will help usher in a new post reconstructive era for Haiti’s largest hospital. Stay tuned….we’ll keep you posted!